GSOC Coding: Week 3

"Previously on LibreHealth GSOC 2020" [ Recap ]

The Django Backend and TF-Serving has been successfully implemented. The communication between the two is facilitated by Python based middleware.

"Synchronous to Asynchronous" [ Work ]

This week was all about converting the python middleware into asynchronous service and generating Doc strings and documentation as the end of first month is nearing. Fortunately, I have completed my commitments for the first month and right no, I'm polishing the code. Python's Asyncio module was used to get the async await features.

For facilitating dataset storage, I have looked into NextCloud.

"Next week" [ On LibreHealth ]

1) Train the NIH Xray dataset on a different object detection algo and add a support for selecting different ML algos.
2) Complete all documentations.


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