GSOC Coding: Week 2

"Previously on LibreHealth GSOC 2020" [ Recap ]

The Django server is implemented successfully. The Django backend is a Restful server that is responsible for communication between user and TF-Serving. Also, it is responsible for storing user data.

"Tensorflow Serving" [ Work ]

The diagram above explains how we plan to deploy our ML models. Basically, the python middleware sends images to the TF Serving and receives BBox information and then send the received data to client.
The client in this case is the Django Rest Server. The Django server stores Images and BBox data in a SQL DB. The User can now request for image and Bbox data from Django Server. As of now everything is implemented, but improvements will be made to the python based Middleware.

"Next week" [ On LibreHealth ]

1) Make the Python middleware Asynchronous and document everything.
2) Decide what type of file storage server we want to implement.


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